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Three wait-for-it Hundred

Can you see a glowing smile on my face? No? Now? Yes this one!

I am very happy and proud to announce that now Gaurilla manages business of more than 300 businesses all over the world. 327, to be precise (at the time of writing this blog post).

I won’t brag a lot about the milestone but this definitely calls for an announcement as we have crossed the milestone in less than 4 weeks of public beta launch. Truth be told, when launching, I wasn’t expecting for Gaurilla to go viral. We were expecting around 100 users till Christmas 2013 but I guess, Santa Claus had different plans for Owlgrin.

Not only this, we even crossed 300 mark for Owlgrin Fans on Facebook. If you haven’t liked us yet on Facebook, why not do it now? Did you see the cover picture of the page?

Now, a little more news about mini-happenings at Owlgrin:

My latest and most-detailed interview

Durofy interviewed me and by far this is my most detailed interview. I speak about Owlgrin, Gaurilla, Efox SoftBytes, Startups and more.

You can read the complete interview on their website:

BeautifulPixels features Gaurilla

People from BeautifulPixels stumbled upon Gaurilla and they featured it on their website. They also wrote an in-depth review about it.

The thing that made our day was that the guy reviewing it was from a commerce background and had already used (and tired) of Tally. However, we aren’t trying to replace Tally but someone saying that Gaurilla is a threat to Tally definitely makes our day.

You can read the complete review on their website:

#ShutUP! campaign

Owlgrin has also launched a social campaign called ShutUP! to encourage people to stop making excuses and start doing things instead.

You can read the announcement of the campaign in this post:

Time at Owlgrin had never been so exciting! To keep feeling the excitement with us or to just stay updated, you can Like Us on Facebook (, Follow Us on Twitter (, Circle us on Google+ ( or can do all of the three. ;)

Shut UP!

No no no! Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t being rude. Well, in one sense, I am. But in a good way. Bear with me and I’ll explain you what I mean.

I am a big believer of executing plans at this very moment. I mean – now! Because, well.. isn’t ‘now’ all that we have really? If you want to travel, go book a ticket now. Yes, that kind of execution. I don’t like putting off things for tomorrow. If you really want to reap rewards of something, you have to go through the reality that precedes the rewards.

I know you had some really awesome plans for 2013 in December last year. Didn’t you? If you say No, you are lying. We all had. Let’s take a minute and review the state of those plans today – a year later.

If you have done what you wanted to do, well you deserve a hug from Santa Claus this Christmas. And if he doesn’t come to hug you, tweet me once and I will come to hug you dressed as Santa. ;)

But, if you aren’t the one deserving a hug from Santa, let’s try to get it next year. What do you say?

So, as 2013 is about to get over, let’s decide this one thing – let’s ShutUP! No no, not just our mouths but our excuses too. At least for this year. Let’s shut up and get to doing things rather than just planning about them. We spent the whole of 2013 planning and thinking. We kept thinking, “I want to have that car” or “I want to have that house” or even nerds like me thought “I want to lose weight”.

Let’s stop making excuses and get to doing things. And I too will go out and join a gym now. Let’s stop “I want…” this year and instead do something so that we can sing “I did…” next year, the same time. And often, as you must be knowing, it doesn’t take much, just a start.

To get you a little more excited, Owlgrin is starting a campaign to push you to do something this year. After all a hug from Santa deserves some effort. With the ShutUP! campaign, let’s stop making excuses and start doing things. Let’s shut up the part of brain that is responsible for telling us to put things off till tomorrow. Let’s shut up our ears to the people who say that our plan isn’t possible. Let’s shut up the little frightened guy inside us that makes us weak when we are about to make big decisions.

Let’s shut up and start up! Let’s be doers this year.

And by ‘start up’, I mean to start doing things. It is not necessary for you to start a company to get a Santa Hug. Or, if you want to really start up, this year is good to fire your boss too.

And then probably you did something this year too. Maybe small, maybe big. And no matter how big or small, if you did something, the effort more often than not, does deserve a reward.

Because you weren’t one of those who kept talking. You ShutUP and you StartedUP. Perhaps it was starting taking up the guitar classes, perhaps it was finally getting that excursion into your schedule and going ahead with, or perhaps it was asking out the girl of your dreams. :)

Whatever it was, that you think you did this year and are thankful to yourself that for once you did shut the excuses and gave it a try, we want to hear from you! And… we’ll look forward to send you a reward, because know it or not, you have been an inspiration. :)  

All you have to do, is tell us how you ShutUP (the excuses and the talking) and StartedUp (with the real thing), as a comment on this Facebook update –

Three lucky commenters get free Tees, Mugs and more! Note that to qualify for winning the “Doer Goodies” you have to press the like button on our page so that we can stay in touch with you. :)

So comment here right away – and tell us your #ShutUpAndStartUp story! We look forward to hearing from you. :)