Automatic, Realtime and Personalised User Engagement

So, here we are – sad that our email campaigns doesn’t bring back the kind of results it used to. It was a golden time when one unread email in someone’s inbox used to light their eyes up, and that made email an amazing marketing medium. But now, unread emails in the inbox doesn’t bring up smiles – they bring up frowns now.

But that doesn’t mean you have to keep using emails as extensively as you are using them now. Instead of sending everything to everyone, send people emails about what they are looking for – that’s when they will smile looking at your emails. And why just emails, if they are already in your app, ping them right there in your app. And mind you, in-app notifications receive better conversions than emails.

Horntell allows you to put your app’s conversion funnel on steroids. When earlier you were able to convert just 1% of your users, now, you can convert 5%. Horntell tracks each of your user’s behaviour in your app and allows you to target them as precisely as you want.

  • Want to ask for feedback to only those who have been active in your app? Done.
  • Want to send another friendly email to those who didn’t paid heed to the first one? Done.
  • Want to pitch your new feature only to those who have used another feature? Done.

Whatever targeting you can think of – whether based on activity or inactivity – Horntell has got you covered. It’s time to put your app on steroids – now!

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