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Gaurilla got some more super-powers

Gaurilla – the cool accounting app for startups and small & medium businesses is under heavy development and we are coming up with new things every now and then.

You might not know but Mr Gaurilla has got some more super-powers in his kitty. And for all the geeks like us, we want to tell you that this is version 0.2.5 that is currently running.

So, what’s new?

Finally, self help!

We have got a lot of requests for the User Guide so that they can help themselves rather than pinging us for everything. So, the answers to the most asked questions are uploaded as User Guide on

As the product itself, the Guide is a work-in-progress too. It will always be. Currently, it has all the answers to get you up and running with Gaurilla with some exciting pro-tips too. (Check out this article, for example).

Current guide will be fine for most of the users and for those who want maximum juice out of Gaurilla, we are constantly updating it with new content. And the fun part is that you can now go to guide, right from your dashboard.

One less email to manage

We know how painful is to manage emails and with Gaurilla, we didn’t want you to manage one extra email. So, instead of saving invoice as PDF and then going to your inbox, attaching it to email and sending it, you can just click on the “Envelope” icon on the top after creating an invoice and voila – your invoice is in your client’s inbox. That simply! ;)

You don’t need to leave Gaurilla even for a second to start a conversation with your client. Happy you, happy your client and happy we. :)

Stay tuned: We have some more email features in development. Stay tuned.

Manage items at one place

Oops, sorry! We missed out in our initial release to make a management console where user can manage all the products and services he’s offering. So, we have it now. Simply login to your account and from the main navigation on the left, select “Items” to start managing your products/services at one proper place.

Why just clients? Manage vendors as well

Version 0.1.x used to manage your clients very well but then we asked “How to keep track of the people to whom we are paying?” and answer to this question led us to a new features with which now you can manage vendors as well.

Now, instead of “Clients” on the main navigation, you will see a “People”. Under People, there lies “Clients” and “Vendors” as well. Select the one you want to manage.

Store more information when recording a transaction

Until now, you were able to store transactions (whether Incomes or Expenses), with the minimal data. But now we have made provisions for you to record almost all the attributes of a transaction.

Mode: Now, record transaction mode to keep track of through which mode you spent and earned.

Category: Recording categories of the transactions will help you generate reports based on these to get a better sense of your income and spending.

Reference Number: Now, you can record a reference number along with the transaction to filter out later. For example, cheque number can be a reference number.

Are you a Gaurilla?

So, we are making Gaurilla awesome, so that you can manage your business effortlessly. You do what you are meant to do, Mr Gaurilla does the rest. Have you started using Gaurilla yet? If not, then this is the best time to get started. Also, if you get an account before 2014 knocks on our doors, you get to use it for free for 3 months. Isn’t it cool?

Click here to get an account now!

Mr Gaurilla

Gaurilla is out!

The day has arrived – 11/11. Gaurilla is out as public beta now.

Gaurilla is a cloud accounting app for startups. We know that your startup/small or medium business needs to manage the money but current solutions are either expensive or difficult to use. And with Gaurilla, we try to bring you a solution that is both affordable and easy.

We are bringing Gaurilla out as public beta with version 0.1.1 and the improvements will be very frequent. As they say, “ship early, ship often,” we will try to ship something new every day.

Yes, every other day!

Want to explore Gaurilla? You can go to to begin using.


Here are some stats for you to understand how much efforts and love we have put into it. And we are just getting started.

  • Over 700 commits
  • Just under 300000 lines of code
  • Over 70 days of development
  • Just under 1500 man hours
  • 144 meetings with target customers/users
  • Over 250 people on Launch List
  • And ONE awesome team

All this went into v0.1.1. We are working 24 x 7 to keep improving the product and value we deliver to you. And we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help.


Here are some things that are in pipeline and will be delivered to you in a coming weeks. We always believed in continuous improvement and following the same belief, we are in process of building these.

Gaurilla’s Marketplace – Jungle

We are working to build Gaurilla as a platform for which other developers can write apps. And you can authorise those apps to access your data and provide you more functionality. No more need to search for softwares at different places, everything that you need will be available in the Jungle which you can integrate easily with your current Gaurilla account.

Developer’s API

We understand how manual data entry is painful. But not for long. We are in process of releasing an API that you can consume and automate things by integrating it within your existing systems. So, to all the technology startups, “No more frowning – accounting is awesome again!”

24 * 7 Dedicated Support

Everyone needs help at one or other point of time and we are setting up a team to help you out when stuck. We are hoping to complete this team by early January 2014 and till then, everyone at Owlgrin is your support. Feel free to contact us through any of the medium – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email – anytime. We promise to get back to you at the earliest. Trust us, we are on our toes to delight you. :)

More Awesome Features

Who doesn’t love more features? Besides these longer term plans, a lot of awesome features are in pipeline too which will be released as early as they are developed and tested. Stay tuned and sign up now to have exclusive access to these features before every one else.

And now a few words from the superhero himself – Mr Gaurilla.

Let me take this awesome opportunity and thank all of you, who made this day very special to me. I am Mr Gaurilla and the superhero for your startup. I am overwhelmed by the fantastic response I have got from all of you and now it’s my turn to give you back. I am always at your service. :)

Thank You.

We, Owlgrinners, thank all of you for making this day, a reality. When we started, we just had a vision and with all the help and support, we are so happy to announce the release of public beta of Gaurilla.

You can start exploring Gaurilla by visiting And we love you! Let’s make this thing happen, together.

 Start Exploring!

Gaurilla’s Dashboard – “Blocks”

Let me declare this, once and for all: I am very excited about Gaurilla!

We are still a few days away from the public beta launch of the product but I am so excited that I couldn’t hold myself back from showing off a sneak-peek of the product to all of you – Gaurilla’s Dashboard.

When I showed it to early-users they got super-excited, so I am sharing this publicly so that anyone who still wants to join us on this wonderful journey, can.

This is an actual screenshot of the new revolutionary dashboard we are working on. We call it – Blocks. Dashboard is made up of little pieces called Blocks. Although they are fixed for the public beta version but we are working to make them configurable and customisable. Just be prepared for the awesomeness to blow your mind away.

Note: Most of the portion below this line is taken from the Guide and gives a walkthrough in Dashboard.

We tried to create the dashboard by putting all the numbers and stats one might find useful in a single place. We, ourselves, use Gaurilla to manage our businesses and this dashboard helps us make some decisions quickly.

“Today” Block

On the top left corner, there’s a block showing today’s date. We have found ourselves and others struggling to recall date, so, always having it in front of your eyes save a second in every 10 minutes.

Tip: Keep dashboard open when not working as it contains all the important bits of information.

“Clients” Block

In block, adjacent to date, you will be shown the number of clients you are dealing with. We have found in our researches that the urge to move this number high, results in business growth. With Gaurilla, we not only want you to manage efficiently, but also want to see you grow.

And in the same pursuit, we have the next block – Streak!

“Streak” Block

Generally, a streak is the duration of continuous activity. In case of Gaurilla, the streak tells the number of continuous days you invoiced your clients. Now, there are two numbers – one is the ‘longest streak’ you ever had and another is the ‘current streak’.

Tip: Keep increasing your streak as your streak tells you how good your business is going. Work to invoice at least one client every day. There’s nothing more hurting than seeing your streak going from 43 to 0. So, do not let a day go by without creating an invoice.

“Create” Block

The fourth block is the first action you can take from the dashboard – to create an invoice. Click on it to get straight to the business and send a beautifl invoice to your client.

“Nerd Stats” Block

The big graph shows the stats any business owner should be interested in – how much money you have earned, spent and left. Nothing fancy, just what you want, right on your dashboard.

Also, there are three variants of the graph, which can be switched between from the top-right corner of the graph. Month’s graph shows you how much you made in the current month, Year’s graph shows the stats for current financial year and Overall shows the stats from eternity to eternity (see how you progressed over years).

Tip: For quick decisions, refer the Month’s view, to track progress refer Year’s view and to track growth refer Overall’s view.

Other Blocks

Adjacent to graph and below “Guide” block, there are the two ways to get in touch with us – Ask for help when you think you are stuck or Report a bug if you find something broken. We don’t break your experience by taking you to another page for contacting us, it all happens right from your dashboard.

Mega Tip: You need us? We are always just a click away from you. Head over to dashboard and tell us how may we help you. :)

“Awesome” Block

And on the lower right corner there sits a gentle message reminding you how awesome you are.

We all are pretty excited to bring this product to you. Let me tell you, there might will be several thing broken in it, so, feel free to get in touch with us regarding the same. Feedback of any kind is more than welcome.

Let’s make a better product, together!


Get your Gaurilla T Shirt now!

After the YourStory coverage about Owlgrin, we have received a fantastic response from people all over the country (including a few VCs). ;)

People have showed interest in Gaurilla and a lot of them have signed up to be the first users when we launch it as public beta. As promised by Mr Gaurilla that every early-bird would get a free t-shirt, here’s the way to claim your t-shirt (if you are among the early users).

  1. Head over to T-Shirt Claim page to fill out your details (t-shirt size, name, address, etc)
  2. Relax!

For sneak peek, here’s what you will be delivered. Tell us in the comments, how awesome it is. :)

* You need to be an early-bird user of Gaurilla to be eligible.

All T Shirts have been claimed. Drop your email into the comments below if you still want one.

Hello World …finally!

First things first. Sorry!

I know, “Hello World” should be the first thing but in the case of Owlgrin’s website, it was the last thing that is happening. And I am sorry about it.

I got a lot of questions regarding the website of Owlgrin in last couple of months, like, “when it will be live?”, “when the owl will grin?” and the most funny one – “you really think you can raise fund with that ‘coming soon’ page?”

So, today’s the day, the owl finally grins. For last 3 months, we were so busy building Gaurilla that we kept this website at the bottom on the priority list.

But then I observed that as we are getting some identity in startup and VC community, people want to know more about us. But we closed a lot of conversations even before they began. People who came to our website to know about Owlgrin found nothing. Not even contact information (so, lame of us!). And they left to return never.

Since that moment of realisation, I moved up the development of this website a little above on the my todo list.

I didn’t want a perfect, sparkling and overhauling website to start conversations. I wanted something to be out there replacing that lame ‘Grinning Soon’ page. So, here it is. (Thank god, WordPress exists!)

So, here’s the purpose of this website – “to have conversations!”

Let’s start one in the comments below. :)