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We have a confession to make.

We, businessmen, have kind of been old fashioned in the way we keep our financial documents. Some are hardcopy, some are soft, some are in emails, some are receipts lying in our wallets. This kinda suck, right?

Today, we introduce a new feature in Gaurilla – Basket. Basket is there whenever you need to store anything.

Possible Use Cases

  • You need to handover all your bank statements, bills, receipts to your accountant, but this is a tiring job, for you as well as your accountant. You can keep these documents updated in your Gaurilla account, add your accountant as collaborator and voila, she can filter through them whenever she needs to.
  • You and your co-founder live in two different cities (or two different countries), keep the documents you each have in one common place, i.e. Basket, to have a hassle-free journey.
  • You go out and get many receipts that you have to add in your financial data, simply click the image and upload in your account.

Use cases are many and even we are eager to see how creative you all get in using Basket.

How to use Basket

From now on, you will see a big Basket button on the dashboard. Click on the it to reach to your Basket.

Now, you can upload files in your basket using the “New” button.

Basket through Email

We understand that how we keep receiving bank statement, card statements in our inboxes, and they always stay there. It’d mean so much more if there existed an easy way to keep them in one place. Well, now we have.

You can forward those emails directly from your inbox to your Gaurilla account and all the attachments will be added in your basket.

To leverage the feature (along with many others), you will need to first create the brand name for your company, which you can do so by clicking on the company’s name in the top-left corner.

Once you have your brand name in place, click on the “New” button in the Basket to reveal your unique email address. Anything that we receive on this email address will be added to your Basket, hence, we recommend you to keep it safe.

Tip: You can add the email address in the contacts of your email client to quickly send emails.

While sending email, please keep the subject descriptive as it will become the description of the items (which you can edit later, obviously). After we add the items from your email into the basket, we will send you a confirmation email.

We hope, you now have a hassle-free management of the documents that earlier used to lie in several different places.



We have been working day in and day out to keep the smile on your face intact. And the loyalty that you have shown us by being a Gaurilla user for so long should not go ignored.

We want to give away a 20% discount of your Gaurilla subscription fees for lifetime, which means, you’ll be charged 20% less from now onwards. You simply have to apply this coupon in your account.


How to apply a coupon?

  • Click here to login to your account. (or copy-paste this in your browser:

  • Click on the white gear icon in the top-right corner (just beside your name).

  • Now, start your subscription by filling the details along with the coupon as “SUPER20″. Your subscription starts with the 20% discount that never ends.

Gaurilla T Shirt

Simpler Gaurilla and Free T Shirts

It have been around 4 months since we released our public beta version of Gaurilla. Since then, it went under a lot of changes based on the feedback that early users like yourself have provided. We have been working day in and out to bring more value to your small/medium business through Gaurilla, and the response that we have been getting is phenomenal – people are loving using it.

We are a strong community now and the major part in making Gaurilla so valuable was yours. Yes, yours. Without you, we’d have been just another startup in the garage. Please accept a heartfelt thank you from the Owlgrinners. (More details about the T Shirts below.)

For the last couple of weeks, we haven’t released a lot of big features because we had been working on making the whole architecture simpler and better for you. And today, we bring it to you.

We received a lot of feedback that you aren’t liking the way you have to first select the workspace and then start working in it. We made it like that to make it easier to manage multiple businesses, but we found that not a lot of you have multiple businesses. Hence, we made the already simple Gaurilla even simpler to use.

Now, when you login, you will directly be shown the dashboard of your company, without you have to manually select the company to work in. What’s better is that even if you manage multiple businesses, you can switch between them from the new bar that your account has got.

In future, this bar will evolve more based on your requirements, but for now, it allows you to manage your personal profile and the company. You will find the options to manage your personal profile on the right and for the company on the left.

I had more than one companies set up with Gaurilla, which one will be selected by default now?

We found that some of you had more than one company set up in their accounts and for now, we had made the first created company of each user as their default company. If you had just one, it would be your default company now.

But do not worry, if majority of your work is in any other company, you can change the default company. Here’s how to do it.

From the left hand side of the new bar, select Change and then select the company you want to work in. Once selected, click on the same drop down menu again and you will find an option to Set as default in it. Click on it to set this company as your default company.

Every time you will login, you will be presented with the dashboard of this company now. Pretty slick, no?

That’s awesome. But how do I control when my financial year ends?

Due to this change in the architecture, we had to configure when the financial year ends for each company. As it is often, we made it to be the end of calendar year as default for your company, which is 31st December of each year.

But like everything else, you can change it too. Select the company for which you want to change the ending and then click on the Manage under the drop down menu on the left-hand side of the new bar on the top.

Scroll below till you see the option to change the financial year ending.

Select the appropriate ending and click on the Update button for the changes to take effect. You don’t need to do anything else. Everything else is done automagically by your favourite superhero behind the scenes.

What’s next on the plans?

We have got fantastic customers like you who use Gaurilla everyday, and we have got some others too who want their data from their old app to be imported into Gaurilla first before they can extract the value out of it.

In our next phase, we are doing just that. We are working on ways for you to import data from your old app into Gaurilla so that you can be up and running in no time with your new superhero.

To effectively prioritise our import feature, we would like to know which is the current app you use to manage your business? Please write it in the comments below and we will then be able to prioritise the order of apps we can build import feature for. (Don’t worry, we won’t make your comment publicly visible. We care for your privacy.) :)

I really love Mr Gaurilla. Can I have a free T Shirt?

Of course! We always love to delight you. We have got these T Shirts for you. Love these? Claim yours now.

Click here to claim your T Shirt now

PS: We have limited quantity of these awesome tees. Thus to filter out active users like you from the ones who would misuse this opportunity, we would require you to have at least one client (here’s how to create one) and three invoices (here’s how to create invoices) in your account.

Not a Gaurilla User yet?

Don’t frown if you aren’t a Gaurilla user yet. It hardly takes 30 seconds to get up and running with Gaurilla. Click on the big button below to get started and claim your T Shirt. :)

Get Started with Gaurilla now!

Happy Grinning! :)

Recurring Invoices

Superpower: Recurring Invoices

Last week, Mr Gaurilla has got a several super powers and this week, he gets the most requested one. Yes, the recurring invoices. We know how many of you have emailed us to request this feature, and today, we bring you what you wanted for so long.

You have clients that you want to invoice every month, or every week? Well, now you don’t have to worry about it doing it manually. You can schedule the invoice and it will automatically be created at the intervals you specify. And as mentioned in our previous update, your clients will see the automatically generated invoices in their consoles. This all will happen, without you doing anything.

How to schedule an invoice?

To schedule an invoice, you make a regular invoice (or quote or proforma invoice) and just before publishing it, you check the little box that says, “Is Recurring?” and a little panel will be revealed just underneath it.

You can control the recurrence very precisely using the options available.

TIP: The recurring invoices which contains items that are out of stock while generation will not be generated. Thus, it’s recommended to schedule recurring invoices that only contains service items and not products.

Specify the details for the invoice to recur and relax back to have sip of your favourite beverage. You concentrate on the doing your business while Mr Gaurilla is there to manage all the background processes.

Why not log in to your account and schedule your first invoice today? Click here to login.

Branded Client Console, Invoice Cloning, PDFs and more

The team at Owlgrin is working non-stop to get you the best experience when managing your business with Gaurilla. And in the same pursuit, we have build some superpowers for  your favourite superhero. We hope that with these powers, it’ll be easier to get your business managed.

Client Console

Tired of sending invoices to your clients every single time? Even we are. Now, Gaurilla features a branded client console. With this console, you can get get a branded client section at And then you can grant access to all or some  of your clients through your account. And whenever they’ll log into their account in our console, they can see all the invoices and quotes created for them.

This is the beginning and in future, this console will be turned into something that your client can use for multiple purposes like paying you, conversing with you and more. That’s a start.

How to get your console?

When you log in to your account and select the company that you want to work in, you will see an option to claim your username in to top-left corner.

Click on it and a small window will pop up asking you the username you want to claim.

Type in your username and it’s done! Remember that this username cannot be changed in future. Hence choose it carefully.

TIP: It gives a good sense to your clients if the username is similar to your brand.

You’ll notice that now you are shown a link to your console. Feel free to distribute this link to your clients.

Next, you have to grant access to your clients. Head over to People >> Clients. In the list of your clients, you will see an option to “Grant Access” against them. Click on it, add the email and password, using which they can log in to their accounts.

Don’t worry, you can always change the credentials or revoke the access.

Now, your client can go to your console, enter her details and see all the invoices created for her.

Clone Invoices

Ever felt the need to create similar invoices? Well, now you can. We received a lot of feedback that you want to create invoices from the previously created invoices. We understand that creating invoices, sometimes, can sometimes be a little time consuming.

With this new feature, you can create new invoice/quote as a copy of previous invoice/quote or convert your quote/proforma invoice to invoice.

How to clone an invoice

Head over to Slips from the main navigation menu. Against each invoice, you will find the option to “Create a copy” under “More” drop down menu.

Against each quote/proforma invoice, you will find an additional option to “Convert to invoice” besides creating the copy.

Downloadable PDFs

In previous update, we allowed you send an attached PDF invoice with your emails. Now, you can generate them and download in your computer/mobile for offline access too.

When viewing an invoice, you will see an option to download it as PDF file, click on it and save the file to your machine for offline access. You don’t have to worry if you are on mobile or computer, all you need is just an internet connection. Go ahead, try it in your mobile.

Along with invoices, you can download PDF reports too. Head over to any report, generate it and click on the PDF button to download it as PDF.

Bug fixes

Along with features, there are some little bug fixes too. We are happy that you amazing people report bugs. We admit that sometimes bugs get pushed to our servers. Working together with you, we can quickly smash these bugs and make the experience smoother for everyone.

If you encounter any bug, please report it from your dashboard.



Gaurilla v0.5 – Multiple Currencies and more Beautiful!

For last couple of weeks, we were heads down and building some awesome things in Gaurilla, and today, we are there to reveal them to you. If you go and log in to your account today, what you’ll see will be v0.5 running – the latest and greatest version as always. ;)

We’ve a handful of new things in v0.5, including a major feature. Let’s go through them one by one.

Summary Reports

Besides each report you had in Gaurilla till now, there’s a summary report too, using which you can see everything in bird’s eye view. You’ll find way to see the summary reports when you log into any report.

For example: for the report, “Expense by Category”, you could select a category and it’s corresponding expenses would be shown to you. But to see the total expenses in all the categories, simple see it’s summary report. In summary report, you just have to select the period and the summaries of each account will be rendered in a proper report.

Try it by going to Reports >> Expenses by Category >> Summary Report.

Better Emails

We understand that you always wanted better emails with Gaurilla, and you have them now. Here are the few tweaks that have gone into better emails.

1. New Look

We know that old plain text emails sucked and we accept it. Here are the better looking emails. And all of them look consistent in every email client. Go ahead, send an invoice to yourself and see the look.

2. Emails from your email address

Till now, your clients were getting emails from an email address like “” but from now, they’d get emails from your email address. And hence, they will land up in their inboxes instead of “Updates” tab in Gmail. A little tweak but very useful one. And since, the email went from your email address, they can simply hit Reply and continue the conversation.

3. Custom message in emails

Now, when sending an email invoice, you can add a short custom message too. It is optional but you can add a custom touch to your emails from now on. Let your clients feel special too.

Better Invoices

In Owlgrin’s consistent pursuit of simplicity (by removing things which won’t break anything), we have got you better looking invoices. Just like these.

Simple and beautiful. Did we tell you that better looking invoices gets you paid faster.

Multiple Currency Support

As we have got users from all over the globe and most of them had their clients spread over various countries. Thus, to bring a smile over your face, here we get you support for multiple currencies.

With this new feature, you can invoice your clients in their currencies (without messing up your accounts, which will be in your home currency). Also, we know that incomes and expenses can be in various currencies too and you know what, you can add these in your accounts in multiple currencies too.

Go ahead, log in to your account and start creating an invoice. You’ll see an option to choose the currency of the invoice just before publishing it.

No matter where your client lives, invoice them in their currencies to make them feel happier, as you know happy customers means more money. ;)

Expect some more new things in weeks to come. If you haven’t yet availed the offer we have for Indian users, you can avail it by logging in to your account. Just 2 days left for it. It’d be gone forever then.

Keep making better choice like you made to hire Mr Gaurilla for managing your business. And we’d be making better superheroes for you.


Gaurilla v0.4.0 is out!

Last week, we came out with version 0.3.0 which made working in teams super easy. And this week we have another update for you to enjoy! Think of it as a christmas gift from Owlgrin.

First, thank you all for the feedbacks that you’ve been pouring in. Following your feedback, we are able to keep track of the things you need the most. And in last week, we’ve found that a lot accountants among our users wanted to feel right at home when switching to Gaurilla and hence we have got a similar feature of Journal Accounts and Journal Transactions right into Gaurilla.

Now, if you, as a businessman/entrepreneur want to collaborate with your accountant, she would already feel familiar with Gaurilla. And if you, as an accountant is managing your clients using Gaurilla, they can fill out their transactions in the way they find it simple and you’ll find the data in the way you understand the best.

The Accounting feature can be found in the main navigation menu on the left. And also as a result, the “Collaborate” has now been moved into “Settings >> Collaborations”.

Keep your feedback coming. We are happy to keep you happy, always! :)

Mr Gaurilla

Gaurilla v0.3.0 is out

Start of a new week and we’ve got you a good news. Actually, a great news!

You don’t work in isolation when you’re up to something big. You work in team. So, why not work in team when it comes managing your business or startup? This question, left us intriguing and hence with Gaurilla, now you can work in team.

Whether you want to share your company’s data with your co-founder, team or with your accountant, you just need to add her email address and she would be collaborating with you on your data in no time. That’s how easy it is.

Don’t believe us? Log in to your account, select a workspace and then click on the “Collaborate” button in the main navigation on the left. Here you can see all the collaborations that are taking place. To share your selected workspace with your team, click on the “New” button on the top right corner and search the user using her email address.

Once you’ve got the user, specify a role of either Subscriber or Contributor and click on the “Collaborate” button.

Subscriber role gives her just the read permissions. Your collaborator won’t be able to create new data; she would only be able to read what you already have.

Contributor role gives her full permission to your data. She can create and delete any data.

This is first step towards working in team and more improvements will come.

With this major feature, we are happy to announce that now Gaurilla is at v0.3.0. Keep the constructive and critical feedback coming in. It really help us understand the needs better. Also, if you encounter a bug, please report it to us. :)

Happy Winters! Santa’s about to come. Yay!


Three wait-for-it Hundred

Can you see a glowing smile on my face? No? Now? Yes this one!

I am very happy and proud to announce that now Gaurilla manages business of more than 300 businesses all over the world. 327, to be precise (at the time of writing this blog post).

I won’t brag a lot about the milestone but this definitely calls for an announcement as we have crossed the milestone in less than 4 weeks of public beta launch. Truth be told, when launching, I wasn’t expecting for Gaurilla to go viral. We were expecting around 100 users till Christmas 2013 but I guess, Santa Claus had different plans for Owlgrin.

Not only this, we even crossed 300 mark for Owlgrin Fans on Facebook. If you haven’t liked us yet on Facebook, why not do it now? Did you see the cover picture of the page?

Now, a little more news about mini-happenings at Owlgrin:

My latest and most-detailed interview

Durofy interviewed me and by far this is my most detailed interview. I speak about Owlgrin, Gaurilla, Efox SoftBytes, Startups and more.

You can read the complete interview on their website:

BeautifulPixels features Gaurilla

People from BeautifulPixels stumbled upon Gaurilla and they featured it on their website. They also wrote an in-depth review about it.

The thing that made our day was that the guy reviewing it was from a commerce background and had already used (and tired) of Tally. However, we aren’t trying to replace Tally but someone saying that Gaurilla is a threat to Tally definitely makes our day.

You can read the complete review on their website:

#ShutUP! campaign

Owlgrin has also launched a social campaign called ShutUP! to encourage people to stop making excuses and start doing things instead.

You can read the announcement of the campaign in this post:

Time at Owlgrin had never been so exciting! To keep feeling the excitement with us or to just stay updated, you can Like Us on Facebook (, Follow Us on Twitter (, Circle us on Google+ ( or can do all of the three. ;)

Shut UP!

No no no! Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t being rude. Well, in one sense, I am. But in a good way. Bear with me and I’ll explain you what I mean.

I am a big believer of executing plans at this very moment. I mean – now! Because, well.. isn’t ‘now’ all that we have really? If you want to travel, go book a ticket now. Yes, that kind of execution. I don’t like putting off things for tomorrow. If you really want to reap rewards of something, you have to go through the reality that precedes the rewards.

I know you had some really awesome plans for 2013 in December last year. Didn’t you? If you say No, you are lying. We all had. Let’s take a minute and review the state of those plans today – a year later.

If you have done what you wanted to do, well you deserve a hug from Santa Claus this Christmas. And if he doesn’t come to hug you, tweet me once and I will come to hug you dressed as Santa. ;)

But, if you aren’t the one deserving a hug from Santa, let’s try to get it next year. What do you say?

So, as 2013 is about to get over, let’s decide this one thing – let’s ShutUP! No no, not just our mouths but our excuses too. At least for this year. Let’s shut up and get to doing things rather than just planning about them. We spent the whole of 2013 planning and thinking. We kept thinking, “I want to have that car” or “I want to have that house” or even nerds like me thought “I want to lose weight”.

Let’s stop making excuses and get to doing things. And I too will go out and join a gym now. Let’s stop “I want…” this year and instead do something so that we can sing “I did…” next year, the same time. And often, as you must be knowing, it doesn’t take much, just a start.

To get you a little more excited, Owlgrin is starting a campaign to push you to do something this year. After all a hug from Santa deserves some effort. With the ShutUP! campaign, let’s stop making excuses and start doing things. Let’s shut up the part of brain that is responsible for telling us to put things off till tomorrow. Let’s shut up our ears to the people who say that our plan isn’t possible. Let’s shut up the little frightened guy inside us that makes us weak when we are about to make big decisions.

Let’s shut up and start up! Let’s be doers this year.

And by ‘start up’, I mean to start doing things. It is not necessary for you to start a company to get a Santa Hug. Or, if you want to really start up, this year is good to fire your boss too.

And then probably you did something this year too. Maybe small, maybe big. And no matter how big or small, if you did something, the effort more often than not, does deserve a reward.

Because you weren’t one of those who kept talking. You ShutUP and you StartedUP. Perhaps it was starting taking up the guitar classes, perhaps it was finally getting that excursion into your schedule and going ahead with, or perhaps it was asking out the girl of your dreams. :)

Whatever it was, that you think you did this year and are thankful to yourself that for once you did shut the excuses and gave it a try, we want to hear from you! And… we’ll look forward to send you a reward, because know it or not, you have been an inspiration. :)  

All you have to do, is tell us how you ShutUP (the excuses and the talking) and StartedUp (with the real thing), as a comment on this Facebook update –

Three lucky commenters get free Tees, Mugs and more! Note that to qualify for winning the “Doer Goodies” you have to press the like button on our page so that we can stay in touch with you. :)

So comment here right away – and tell us your #ShutUpAndStartUp story! We look forward to hearing from you. :)