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Get your Gaurilla T Shirt now!

After the YourStory coverage about Owlgrin, we have received a fantastic response from people all over the country (including a few VCs). ;)

People have showed interest in Gaurilla and a lot of them have signed up to be the first users when we launch it as public beta. As promised by Mr Gaurilla that every early-bird would get a free t-shirt, here’s the way to claim your t-shirt (if you are among the early users).

  1. Head over to T-Shirt Claim page to fill out your details (t-shirt size, name, address, etc)
  2. Relax!

For sneak peek, here’s what you will be delivered. Tell us in the comments, how awesome it is. :)

* You need to be an early-bird user of Gaurilla to be eligible.

All T Shirts have been claimed. Drop your email into the comments below if you still want one.