Here’s what we do

We are a young product startup run by 3 geeks in their early 20s. Currently, we are into premium software that is delivered as services (SaaS products, if you prefer)

With our first product, Gaurilla – made to streamline finances for startups and small businesses, we are taking pain away from asses of entrepreneurs and accountants. We have dealt with it ourselves, and have seen a lot of people complaining about it too. But instead of being another soul to complain about current scenario, we have decided to change it. Once and for all. ;) If you want to know more about Gaurilla, head over here. Or if you want to stay updated about it, simply drop us an email over here. (Bonus: You’ll get to see a superhero flying over there.)

With Horntell, we are solving the problem of low user engagement for web and mobile businesses. Often, web and mobile businesses are sustained over user engagement, and if they are not at par, they die. To fix the problem for ourselves in Gaurilla, we ran some experiments and saw good results – and thus decided to roll our solution in a product and fix the problem for all. We’ve been getting rave reviews about Horntell from people who use it. To know more about Horntell and how you can improve user engagement of your app (and thus the revenue), you may go here.

TL;DR: We solve real problems!

Here’s why we do it

Why we do it, you ask? Because we can’t stand problems looking into our eyes and teasing us. If we think, there could be a better way of doing something, we try to do it. For us and for everyone.

“Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has a brilliant idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes all the difference”

Well, Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari Games said “everyone who’s ever taken a shower has a brilliant idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes all the difference”. While we may not shower a lot ;) , but when we do, we don’t let the idea skip through.

We don’t make things because it’d be cool to do so. We make things because it’d bring smiles and satisfaction on many faces. And nothing satisfies us more than making someone happy. We love to deliver happiness. (Bundled Free: A pinch of awesomeness!)

Here’s who we are

We are three guys doing everything at Owlgrin. From brainstorming to researching market to building prototype to validating ideas to refining prototype to building version 1.0 to marketing to selling to providing support to whatever-it-takes-to-deliver-smiles.

Here’s how we do it

We don’t believe in making replicas of existing softwares or as they say, Indian versions of American products. We believe in delivering happiness to our users and the product is just one part of the process.

It is Owlgrin’s rule #1 that our customers are the priority. We make sure users feel that signing up for any of our product was the best thing they ever did. We strive to delight them. And the product is just one part of the process. Being a customer of Owlgrin is far more fulfilling than just using a software.

Here’s a TL;SR (Too Long, Still Reading) version.


We keep living our lives but unlike everyone else, we are prepared for any opprtunity that strikes us. We don’t search for ideas. We just keep doing the required work and when any idea strikes, we don’t let it go. We are always prepared.


We get on the white-boards and brainstorm about the ways of doing the thing in a better way.

Market Research

We start brain storming by assuming a lot of things and then we go to target people to know if it is really a pain or just our myth.


We make prototype. Buggy one. And let people use it for some time. If they feel that it is letting them do the same things more effeciently, and they are even ready to shell out a few bucks every month, we wear our coding hoodies and code for consecutive weeks to give that product a name, mascot and a grin.


At this stage, we have converted our idea into a complete product for which people are even ready to pay. We ship it, early and often.

Since when we are doing it?

We started a few months back. We got incorporated on April 27th, 2013 and we began working full time from June 26th. In this short span, we have successfully built the prototype of Gaurilla, validated the idea, concluded the private beta round and now, we are in process of having a soft release towards the end of year 2013. To stay updated on Gaurilla, you can drop us an email. No, we don’t spam.

Besides this, we are in background process of expanding the team and planning to raise some money to let us conduct atleast three experiments in next 18 months. (Pssst… if you are a VC, did I tell you that you are amazing? ;) And here’s how you can contact us. We have invested our own money into it and we know the value of every penny you’d invest.)

That’s it!

Your turn

Well, this was all about us. If you want to contact us for any thing, please get in touch.