We have a confession to make.

We, businessmen, have kind of been old fashioned in the way we keep our financial documents. Some are hardcopy, some are soft, some are in emails, some are receipts lying in our wallets. This kinda suck, right?

Today, we introduce a new feature in Gaurilla – Basket. Basket is there whenever you need to store anything.

Possible Use Cases

  • You need to handover all your bank statements, bills, receipts to your accountant, but this is a tiring job, for you as well as your accountant. You can keep these documents updated in your Gaurilla account, add your accountant as collaborator and voila, she can filter through them whenever she needs to.
  • You and your co-founder live in two different cities (or two different countries), keep the documents you each have in one common place, i.e. Basket, to have a hassle-free journey.
  • You go out and get many receipts that you have to add in your financial data, simply click the image and upload in your account.

Use cases are many and even we are eager to see how creative you all get in using Basket.

How to use Basket

From now on, you will see a big Basket button on the dashboard. Click on the it to reach to your Basket.

Now, you can upload files in your basket using the “New” button.

Basket through Email

We understand that how we keep receiving bank statement, card statements in our inboxes, and they always stay there. It’d mean so much more if there existed an easy way to keep them in one place. Well, now we have.

You can forward those emails directly from your inbox to your Gaurilla account and all the attachments will be added in your basket.

To leverage the feature (along with many others), you will need to first create the brand name for your company, which you can do so by clicking on the company’s name in the top-left corner.

Once you have your brand name in place, click on the “New” button in the Basket to reveal your unique email address. Anything that we receive on this email address will be added to your Basket, hence, we recommend you to keep it safe.

Tip: You can add the email address in the contacts of your email client to quickly send emails.

While sending email, please keep the subject descriptive as it will become the description of the items (which you can edit later, obviously). After we add the items from your email into the basket, we will send you a confirmation email.

We hope, you now have a hassle-free management of the documents that earlier used to lie in several different places.

We are a product - startup located in Gurgaon and the company behind Gaurilla. With Gaurilla, we are trying to let entrepreneurs and accountants focus on doing important things rather than wasting time in managing background processes.

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