Gaurilla v0.5 – Multiple Currencies and more Beautiful!

For last couple of weeks, we were heads down and building some awesome things in Gaurilla, and today, we are there to reveal them to you. If you go and log in to your account today, what you’ll see will be v0.5 running – the latest and greatest version as always. ;)

We’ve a handful of new things in v0.5, including a major feature. Let’s go through them one by one.

Summary Reports

Besides each report you had in Gaurilla till now, there’s a summary report too, using which you can see everything in bird’s eye view. You’ll find way to see the summary reports when you log into any report.

For example: for the report, “Expense by Category”, you could select a category and it’s corresponding expenses would be shown to you. But to see the total expenses in all the categories, simple see it’s summary report. In summary report, you just have to select the period and the summaries of each account will be rendered in a proper report.

Try it by going to Reports >> Expenses by Category >> Summary Report.

Better Emails

We understand that you always wanted better emails with Gaurilla, and you have them now. Here are the few tweaks that have gone into better emails.

1. New Look

We know that old plain text emails sucked and we accept it. Here are the better looking emails. And all of them look consistent in every email client. Go ahead, send an invoice to yourself and see the look.

2. Emails from your email address

Till now, your clients were getting emails from an email address like “” but from now, they’d get emails from your email address. And hence, they will land up in their inboxes instead of “Updates” tab in Gmail. A little tweak but very useful one. And since, the email went from your email address, they can simply hit Reply and continue the conversation.

3. Custom message in emails

Now, when sending an email invoice, you can add a short custom message too. It is optional but you can add a custom touch to your emails from now on. Let your clients feel special too.

Better Invoices

In Owlgrin’s consistent pursuit of simplicity (by removing things which won’t break anything), we have got you better looking invoices. Just like these.

Simple and beautiful. Did we tell you that better looking invoices gets you paid faster.

Multiple Currency Support

As we have got users from all over the globe and most of them had their clients spread over various countries. Thus, to bring a smile over your face, here we get you support for multiple currencies.

With this new feature, you can invoice your clients in their currencies (without messing up your accounts, which will be in your home currency). Also, we know that incomes and expenses can be in various currencies too and you know what, you can add these in your accounts in multiple currencies too.

Go ahead, log in to your account and start creating an invoice. You’ll see an option to choose the currency of the invoice just before publishing it.

No matter where your client lives, invoice them in their currencies to make them feel happier, as you know happy customers means more money. ;)

Expect some more new things in weeks to come. If you haven’t yet availed the offer we have for Indian users, you can avail it by logging in to your account. Just 2 days left for it. It’d be gone forever then.

Keep making better choice like you made to hire Mr Gaurilla for managing your business. And we’d be making better superheroes for you.

We are a product - startup located in Gurgaon and the company behind Gaurilla. With Gaurilla, we are trying to let entrepreneurs and accountants focus on doing important things rather than wasting time in managing background processes.

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