Branded Client Console, Invoice Cloning, PDFs and more

The team at Owlgrin is working non-stop to get you the best experience when managing your business with Gaurilla. And in the same pursuit, we have build some superpowers for  your favourite superhero. We hope that with these powers, it’ll be easier to get your business managed.

Client Console

Tired of sending invoices to your clients every single time? Even we are. Now, Gaurilla features a branded client console. With this console, you can get get a branded client section at And then you can grant access to all or some  of your clients through your account. And whenever they’ll log into their account in our console, they can see all the invoices and quotes created for them.

This is the beginning and in future, this console will be turned into something that your client can use for multiple purposes like paying you, conversing with you and more. That’s a start.

How to get your console?

When you log in to your account and select the company that you want to work in, you will see an option to claim your username in to top-left corner.

Click on it and a small window will pop up asking you the username you want to claim.

Type in your username and it’s done! Remember that this username cannot be changed in future. Hence choose it carefully.

TIP: It gives a good sense to your clients if the username is similar to your brand.

You’ll notice that now you are shown a link to your console. Feel free to distribute this link to your clients.

Next, you have to grant access to your clients. Head over to People >> Clients. In the list of your clients, you will see an option to “Grant Access” against them. Click on it, add the email and password, using which they can log in to their accounts.

Don’t worry, you can always change the credentials or revoke the access.

Now, your client can go to your console, enter her details and see all the invoices created for her.

Clone Invoices

Ever felt the need to create similar invoices? Well, now you can. We received a lot of feedback that you want to create invoices from the previously created invoices. We understand that creating invoices, sometimes, can sometimes be a little time consuming.

With this new feature, you can create new invoice/quote as a copy of previous invoice/quote or convert your quote/proforma invoice to invoice.

How to clone an invoice

Head over to Slips from the main navigation menu. Against each invoice, you will find the option to “Create a copy” under “More” drop down menu.

Against each quote/proforma invoice, you will find an additional option to “Convert to invoice” besides creating the copy.

Downloadable PDFs

In previous update, we allowed you send an attached PDF invoice with your emails. Now, you can generate them and download in your computer/mobile for offline access too.

When viewing an invoice, you will see an option to download it as PDF file, click on it and save the file to your machine for offline access. You don’t have to worry if you are on mobile or computer, all you need is just an internet connection. Go ahead, try it in your mobile.

Along with invoices, you can download PDF reports too. Head over to any report, generate it and click on the PDF button to download it as PDF.

Bug fixes

Along with features, there are some little bug fixes too. We are happy that you amazing people report bugs. We admit that sometimes bugs get pushed to our servers. Working together with you, we can quickly smash these bugs and make the experience smoother for everyone.

If you encounter any bug, please report it from your dashboard.


We are a product - startup located in Gurgaon and the company behind Gaurilla. With Gaurilla, we are trying to let entrepreneurs and accountants focus on doing important things rather than wasting time in managing background processes.

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