Gaurilla v0.4.0 is out!

Last week, we came out with version 0.3.0 which made working in teams super easy. And this week we have another update for you to enjoy! Think of it as a christmas gift from Owlgrin.

First, thank you all for the feedbacks that you’ve been pouring in. Following your feedback, we are able to keep track of the things you need the most. And in last week, we’ve found that a lot accountants among our users wanted to feel right at home when switching to Gaurilla and hence we have got a similar feature of Journal Accounts and Journal Transactions right into Gaurilla.

Now, if you, as a businessman/entrepreneur want to collaborate with your accountant, she would already feel familiar with Gaurilla. And if you, as an accountant is managing your clients using Gaurilla, they can fill out their transactions in the way they find it simple and you’ll find the data in the way you understand the best.

The Accounting feature can be found in the main navigation menu on the left. And also as a result, the “Collaborate” has now been moved into “Settings >> Collaborations”.

Keep your feedback coming. We are happy to keep you happy, always! :)

We are a product - startup located in Gurgaon and the company behind Gaurilla. With Gaurilla, we are trying to let entrepreneurs and accountants focus on doing important things rather than wasting time in managing background processes.

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