Gaurilla got some more super-powers

Gaurilla – the cool accounting app for startups and small & medium businesses is under heavy development and we are coming up with new things every now and then.

You might not know but Mr Gaurilla has got some more super-powers in his kitty. And for all the geeks like us, we want to tell you that this is version 0.2.5 that is currently running.

So, what’s new?

Finally, self help!

We have got a lot of requests for the User Guide so that they can help themselves rather than pinging us for everything. So, the answers to the most asked questions are uploaded as User Guide on

As the product itself, the Guide is a work-in-progress too. It will always be. Currently, it has all the answers to get you up and running with Gaurilla with some exciting pro-tips too. (Check out this article, for example).

Current guide will be fine for most of the users and for those who want maximum juice out of Gaurilla, we are constantly updating it with new content. And the fun part is that you can now go to guide, right from your dashboard.

One less email to manage

We know how painful is to manage emails and with Gaurilla, we didn’t want you to manage one extra email. So, instead of saving invoice as PDF and then going to your inbox, attaching it to email and sending it, you can just click on the “Envelope” icon on the top after creating an invoice and voila – your invoice is in your client’s inbox. That simply! ;)

You don’t need to leave Gaurilla even for a second to start a conversation with your client. Happy you, happy your client and happy we. :)

Stay tuned: We have some more email features in development. Stay tuned.

Manage items at one place

Oops, sorry! We missed out in our initial release to make a management console where user can manage all the products and services he’s offering. So, we have it now. Simply login to your account and from the main navigation on the left, select “Items” to start managing your products/services at one proper place.

Why just clients? Manage vendors as well

Version 0.1.x used to manage your clients very well but then we asked “How to keep track of the people to whom we are paying?” and answer to this question led us to a new features with which now you can manage vendors as well.

Now, instead of “Clients” on the main navigation, you will see a “People”. Under People, there lies “Clients” and “Vendors” as well. Select the one you want to manage.

Store more information when recording a transaction

Until now, you were able to store transactions (whether Incomes or Expenses), with the minimal data. But now we have made provisions for you to record almost all the attributes of a transaction.

Mode: Now, record transaction mode to keep track of through which mode you spent and earned.

Category: Recording categories of the transactions will help you generate reports based on these to get a better sense of your income and spending.

Reference Number: Now, you can record a reference number along with the transaction to filter out later. For example, cheque number can be a reference number.

Are you a Gaurilla?

So, we are making Gaurilla awesome, so that you can manage your business effortlessly. You do what you are meant to do, Mr Gaurilla does the rest. Have you started using Gaurilla yet? If not, then this is the best time to get started. Also, if you get an account before 2014 knocks on our doors, you get to use it for free for 3 months. Isn’t it cool?

Click here to get an account now!

We are a product - startup located in Gurgaon and the company behind Gaurilla. With Gaurilla, we are trying to let entrepreneurs and accountants focus on doing important things rather than wasting time in managing background processes.

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