Hello World …finally!

First things first. Sorry!

I know, “Hello World” should be the first thing but in the case of Owlgrin’s website, it was the last thing that is happening. And I am sorry about it.

I got a lot of questions regarding the website of Owlgrin in last couple of months, like, “when it will be live?”, “when the owl will grin?” and the most funny one – “you really think you can raise fund with that ‘coming soon’ page?”

So, today’s the day, the owl finally grins. For last 3 months, we were so busy building Gaurilla that we kept this website at the bottom on the priority list.

But then I observed that as we are getting some identity in startup and VC community, people want to know more about us. But we closed a lot of conversations even before they began. People who came to our website to know about Owlgrin found nothing. Not even contact information (so, lame of us!). And they left to return never.

Since that moment of realisation, I moved up the development of this website a little above on the my todo list.

I didn’t want a perfect, sparkling and overhauling website to start conversations. I wanted something to be out there replacing that lame ‘Grinning Soon’ page. So, here it is. (Thank god, WordPress exists!)

So, here’s the purpose of this website – “to have conversations!”

Let’s start one in the comments below. :)

As Founder & CEO of Owlgrin, I love building things, from scratch. I love writing about technology and startups. I also tweet about random tid-bits every now and then @mohitmamoria.


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    It would be great if you could publish something more about Gaurilla,

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      Absolutely RDx! We are working on more publications about Gaurilla. You can also get on the list to stay updated about the progress.

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    Barkha Mehta

    Interesting, Cool Mohit. Your Work Art, completely Amazonified! It’s looking Awesome as usual. Keep Rocking Dude. And kindly publish more.

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      Haha, yes! We have got your point that you want to read more. We promise, we’d publish more. ;)

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