For what you’ll become

As a founder of a startup, I don’t have a dedicated hiring team to get the great people on team. And the biggest challenge in hiring someone is to gauge what they’ll become in future.

The ugly truth is, very few people are “perfect” to be hired  immediately (and those handful of people are already working at their dream place). But the bright side is that many of these “not-yet-perfect” people have potential to be “future-perfect” people.

Sometimes, people I meet/interview are exceptional – just perfect. They know everything to get the shit done. Meeting these people feels like meeting my soulmate – breeze blows, smile bursts out on face and everything looks so dreamy. It happens, no doubt, but not usually.

Most of times, I meet people, who aren’t perfect at that particular moment, but they show the signs of having an untapped potential and being one of the “asset” to the company. These people just want a perfect role and right opportunity.

How about giving Steve Jobs the role of baseball player? Or Sachin Tendulkar the role of singer?

Some people need the right opportunity and a right role to turn into asset from human. And as the guy who has the responsibility to build a perfect team to take Owlgrin forward, I need to analyse people and offer what role would suit them. I have had instances when someone who’ve applied for developer’s job was offered other roles like content writing, but they couldn’t take up that role as their parents thought, it wasn’t “worth doing”.

Also, I have met people who’ve done no-so-great work. But this doesn’t mean that they were not-so-great people. It’s just that they were given not-so-great opportunities. A lot of great people are stuck in not-so-great places – places, where just the money is good.

I love taking risks. Even with people. It feels great to pick out great people stuck in not-so-great places and give them opportunities to bloom.

There are only a few things that make me happier than seeing someone doing great work and being happy, which they couldn’t be at their previous place.

As Founder & CEO of Owlgrin, I love building things, from scratch. I love writing about technology and startups. I also tweet about random tid-bits every now and then @mohitmamoria.

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